State Labor Market Overview
March 2021
Sub-State Labor Market Overview
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March 2021
Unemployment Insurance Monthly Claims
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April 2021

Annual Benchmark Revisions Report
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April 2021

Publications and Presentations

Research Notes

Economists in the Research and Analysis Bureau review emerging trends impacting Nevada's economy and labor market and produce short one-page summaries of these trends.

Economy In Brief

A monthly publication on Nevada’s economy, including current labor market statistics.

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Real Time Labor Market Information

Quarterly Size Class Report

This quarterly report provides employment and worksite statistics by business size classification

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Employment and Payrolls

This publication contains Nevada employment data, payroll data, and average wages by Industry

The most recent edition of the Nevada Employment and Payrolls is 2017. The full publication will no longer we produced. Some limited portions of that publications will be available at under the Employment and Payrolls heading. These will be the covered employment distributed my month and county and the summaries found on pages 1,5, and 9 of the past editions. If you need newer editions of other sections of the document, feel free to contact us at

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Nevada Covered Employment and Small County Industrial Employment


Nevada Labor Market Briefing

A monthly review of Nevada's labor market and economic situation.

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Monthly Highlights

Each month, we provide these Highlights in order to offer our customers a convenient guide to all of R&A’s significant information releases and related products/news.

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Other Research

Nevada Labor Market and Economic Fact Sheet

A concise but thorough look at Nevada's current labor market and economy. This includes information such as the unemployment and total employment as well as personal income, gaming win, and taxable sales.

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  • Nevada Demographics Report