Short-term and Long Term Industry and Occupational projections are produced yearly for Nevada, Las Vegas MSA, Reno MSA, Carson City MSA, and the two Balance of State areas. Short term projections are produced yearly and Long-term projections every two years. For long term projections, the data can be found below. For short term projections, the data can be found by using the data search tool below.

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For Short term or Long term Projections data, select Projections- Industry Employment Projections or Projections- Occupational Employment Projections. Projections are available at the State, MSA, and Balance of State level. For information on the geographic make up of the Balance of State areas, click here. If you have questions about finding the data you are looking for, or if you experience problems trying to use the tool, please contact us at 775-684-0450 or at .

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