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The LAUS program produces monthly and annual employment, unemployment, and labor force data for census regions and divisions, states, counties, metropolitan areas, and many cities, by place of residence. The LAUS program provides labor force data (employment and unemployment rates) for each state and sub-state area (metropolitan areas, counties, and cities with populations larger than 25,000). LAUS data are used for planning and budgetary purposes , determining employment and training program needs, allocating federal funds under the workforce investment act (WIA) and the federal emergency management agency (FEMA), and identifying labor surplus areas, which receive preference in the awarding of federal procurement contracts.

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November 2017

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AreaLabor ForceEmployedUnemployedRate
Carson City250882384112475.0
Churchill County1045199844674.5
Clark County10861441030496556485.1
Douglas County219852096410214.6
Elko County26963260319323.5
Esmeralda County521497244.6
Eureka County10381008302.9
Humboldt County804277233194.0
Lander County310129761254.0
Lincoln County20001901995.0
Lyon County216952046912265.7
Mineral County211019991115.3
Nye County162091517410356.4
Pershing County251324011124.5
Storey County19541862924.7
Washoe County23710722771293954.0
White Pine County456043961643.6


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