Comprehensive Area Financial Report


The lists below are the top employers for the second half of 2019. This data is not comparable to what was produced in the past as the data source differs. This data comes from Infogroup (

This data is estimated at the worksite level and therefore will be grouped differently than how similar information has been presented in the past. An example of this is a school district. This data set lists each school and/or department separately instead of aggregating it.

Finally, this data is not derived from state records, is not created by DETR, and should not be compared to BLS employment estimates.

f. Copyright Notice. Each display of an ARC EMPLOYER DATABASE record shall include the following copyright notice: “Employer information is provided by Infogroup ®, Omaha, NE, 800-555-5211. Copyright © [date]. All Rights Reserved.” Copyright dates specified shall accurately reflect the applicable issue date of the ARC EMPLOYER DATABASE. In addition, where feasible, the LICENSEE shall show on each display of records from the ARC EMPLOYER DATABASE the Infogroup logo displaying the Infogroup name and banner in color, in a size no smaller than 62 x 24 pixels: At the sole option of the LICENSEE, records may also be hyperlinked to

For the current release of the top employers by county, you can print to pdf or copy and paste to an Excel spreadsheet

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